Sam and the reader have been writes her a love letter

He splits the 365 letters between her students to give to her at the end of class on their anniversary. He watches from the hallway to see her reaction.

(gender neutral) The reader stumbles upon the bunker bloody and falls into Sams arms the second he opens the door. He knows they need to get proper medical attention, but hospitals are out of the question.

The day you would finally marry the love of your life

(gender neutral) When an archangel dares you to do something, you better do it. So when Gabriel dared you to kiss Sam Winchester, you didnt really have a choice. Besides, Gabe had a bet going with Dean he needed to win.

(gender neutral) Cleaning out the bunker storage room is a job nobody ever wants but a job that needs to be done. While you and Sam are cleaning, you stumble upon a dusty old book. Sam plans on throwing it out, that is until you see the name scrawled across the inside cover.

You and Sam dont always hunt together

Sometimes Sam goes out with Dean, leaving you alone in the bunker. When that happens you find yourself sleeping in Sams room.

There was this boy that sat across from you in the library every time you went down for a study session. Youd never actually spoken to him, but you knew you were crushing. When you found a note slipped into one of your textbooks after youd gotten up to get another book, you knew you were screwed.

Vampire hunts sucked. They plain and simple sucked. You always avoided them at all costs, but Sam was solo and he really needed your help. The bright side was it saved you from an unbelievably awkward conversation with Sam. The down side was you were going in completely blind.

When the reader and Jared get tied up on set, they have to fly directly to Miami, Florida for a convention. But, a snow storm slams Vancouver, delaying flights for ridiculously long amounts of time, and sending Jared and the reader back to Mishas apartment in the city. An already bad situation gets worse when the power goes out. With cold seeping in, Jared and the reader need to find a way to stay warm.

With the pandemic leaving no reason left to shave, Jared decides to just let his beard grow. The reader is used to their boyfriend keeping a clean face, they dont expect to like the new five oclock shadow.

You had been dreaming about this day for as long as you could remember. Now that it was here, you were overwhelmed with a mix of emotion.

He told you to wear sunscreen, but did you listen? Nope. Do you regret not listening? Yup. Now your skin was bright red and it hurt every time you tried to move.

(gender neutral) On a hunt with the Winchesters, Castiel goes to check the basement of the old house. What he finds is, disturbing, to say the least.

(gender neutral) Cas is going a little stir crazy being stuck in the bunker with nothing to hunt. When the reader cuts themself making dinner, Cas is by their side in a second to heal it. He starts healing the most mundane injuries and, when the reader confronts him, he reveals the true reason why hes been doing what hes doing.

(gender neutral) Cas is in a really good mood. The reader and Dean have tried anything and everything to keep him busy, but none of its worked. The reader just lets him go off and do his own thing after trying to distract him with books. Cas barges into the readers room one day and drags them outside to watch the bees in the flower field next to the bunker.