Badoo Free Membership – How to Get Badoo Premium for Free?

Badoo is a dating app that you can use for free. However, you can use the Badoo premium version and get more advanced features. You will find the price competitive. Also, you can expect the best price with the lifetime duration.

The best part about the Badoo is that you can have weekly and lifetime plans. However, you will spend less if you consider the lifetime plan. Here are the durations and costs of different premium plans.

  • Premium weekly- $3.99
  • Premium monthly- $9.99
  • Premium three months- $
  • Premium six months- $
  • Premium lifetime- $

Badoo Premium Lifetime vs Monthly Prices

You will have to spend only $ to use Badoo for a lifetime. If you consider the monthly plan, you will have to pay $9.99 every month. However, you can use the services for six months by spending only $.

The there-month plan will cost you $. But, you can get all the advanced features regardless of the plan duration.

You can use many communication methods to ensure fast communication. Also, Badoo follows a verification process to offer the desired protection to its users. Besides, it monitors all the uploaded content.

Therefore, you will find the platform safe and easy to use. You can use all its advanced features, including stickers, invisible mode, credits, and gifts. You can also earn credits.

Badoo Premium Features

Badoo premium can enable you to access many advanced features. Yes, you can use chat, superpowers, localization, and profiles. You will know who liked the profile in Encounters. Also, you will know the users who added you to the Favorite lists.

You can undo the last vote. Also, you can browse the profiles without revealing your identity. You can contact new users immediately.

You can chat with the popular ones as well. Apart from all these, your messages will also have a priority in the inbox of recipients. Moreover, you can unlock its cool stickers and use the platform without ads.

  • Invisible Mode
  • Liked You
  • Contact new users
  • Access to cool stickers

As stated above, you can use Badoo for free. You can download and install this application on your device. You can enjoy most of the features with the free version. You can connect with the people of different parts of the world.

However, you can use its premium version and get some advantages. You can use the Premium for free during your 14-day trial.

First, download the Badoo app from Google Play. You can also download it from any third-party store. Once you have the app on your device, you can visit your profile. You will find a new list, and you will have to view the account option.

You will have to click the account, and you can see a few options, including verify account and hide account. You can look closely, and you will find the delete account option.

Now click on this button, and it will direct you to a box. You will have to enter the reasons for deleting in that box. Once you enter the causes, Badoo will offer a solution so that you can change your mind. It will offer a three to fourteen days premium. Yes, you can accept that option. Now, you can use the premium for about fourteen days for free.

Yes, you will have to go to the delete option to use premium for free. But make sure that you are following the above steps.

Otherwise, you might end up deleting your account. Click on delete, give the reason, and accept the free trial. Now you can enjoy all the advanced features. If you find the features worth considering, you can go ahead with the premium