Please contact the parish office at least one year and a half prior to your tentative date

If one of the parties is a widow or widower, a

Because marriage is a life-long covenant which can never be dissolved, couples must be mature and well-prepared to enter the covenant. Therefore we ask that couples wishing to marry Chicago single men dating sites to avail themselves of our , entailing work with a sponsor couple and weekend retreat.

One of the clergy will assist you in preparing for the celebration of the sacrament of marriage in the church. All engaged couples must fulfill both Diocesan and Parish requirements regarding marriage preparation.

You are interested in marrying in the Catholic Church . . . Congratulations!! Here is a checklist to help you through this process.

Please, contact the Parish Office for an appointment at least 8 months prior to the tentative date for the ceremony of your Sacrament of Matrimony.

Whether you plan to be married for the first time or you are civilly married and plan Convalidation, you will need to fulfill the following Diocesan and Parish requirements regarding the Marriage Preparation Process.

Previous marriages: Catholic or not, has been married previously, a wedding cannot be scheduled until that past situation has been resolved. Even if a declaration of invalidity (annulment) already has been given, the decree or notice from the Church court must be reviewed in case any stipulations were set by the court.

1. Baptismal certificate: Obtain a new baptismal certificate (issued within the last 6 months) with notations for each of you who are baptized Catholics. The phrase “with notations” means that any of the other Sacraments you have celebrated, especially Confirmation and/or Matrimony, will be notated on the new baptismal certificate. First Eucharist (Communion) may or may not be notated. This certificate is not to be a copy, or the original from the time of baptism, but a new original, with a raised seal or stamp, obtained from the church of baptism, with the date it was issued. You must contact the Church of baptism by phone, letter or in person, to obtain this new certificate, for the purpose of Marriage preparation. If one of you is baptized in another Christian church, obtain a letter or certificate from them. If one of you has never been baptized, show your birth certificate. When both of you have these documents, arrange an appointment with the Parish Staff and both of you together.

2. Prenuptial Interview: At this first meeting with Parish Priest or Staff Member, each of you will bring a driver’s license or picture ID card. If you are already civilly married, hand in a copy of your civil marriage certificate. death certificate is required.

Marriage is a life-long covenant of love established between a man and woman when they freely exchange their nuptial vows in the presence of God and the community of faith

3. Witness Affidavit of Freedom to Marry: You will need to provide 2 witnesses, 1 for each of you. These witnesses should be at least 18 years old, and ily, relatives or friends who have known you since you were 12 years. You may ask them to come to the Parish Office with you, or they may come alone, after an appointment for this has been scheduled. All witnesses must bring a picture ID. Before a wedding can take place in the Catholic Church, it must be established that each party is not restricted in marrying by past events or his/her current situation.

4. Preparation for the Sacrament of Matrimony: All the engaged couples are to fulfill Diocesan and Parish requirements regarding s. You will be asked to complete some of the following Marriage Preparation Forms: FOCCUS or REFOCCUS inventory; Sponsor Couple Process; Marriage Preparation Workshop.